Local Art in Vibrant Colours for Charity

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Drawn towards creativity by the art, design, local landscape and her Emirati heritage and culture, Art Planet's Abu Dhabi based local artist, Um Khalifa Al Rumaithi, together with the UAE Red Crescent and Khalidiyah Mall present 'Artistic Inspirations', a series of paintings in aid of charity with 20 artworks on display.

Exhibition will be at the central court of Khalidiyah Mall with a VIP opening on 27th August at 7pm.

The paintings, a result of spontaneous feelings inspired by nature, tradition, culture in a flurry of colours are perfect for residences and corporate environments. Um Khalifa started her artistic journey by painting for her children's school activities.

According to Um Khalifa, her husband supported and encouraged her to learn and enhance her skills further, so he brought to her video training materials of famous artists to learn their style and develop herself. She kept painting at every chance she got and started from the basics, with her favourite artist being Bob Ross.

"My desire to create and express ideas and thoughts in a visual started in

2008 by drawing Abstract and Landscape with mainly Acrylic Paints and Artists Canvas. I have always been fascinated by nature, its natural beauty, different shapes and colours," said Um Khalifa.

"The colours that I express come from creative visualisation. For each painting, I visualize the big picture, draw the basic outline then paint the base and bring in the details at the end with the hope to bring the viewer harmony, peace, relaxation and lightness," adds Um Khalifa.

The timeframe depends on the canvas size and the complexity of the painting; some of her best pieces are done on a small canvas taking UP to 30 minutes while the large pieces take three to six hours.

Um Khalifa loves painting and hopes to support more community initiatives taken by the UAE Red Crescent.

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